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Post by AirborneIraqVet on Mon Sep 14, 2015 4:31 pm

I had great luck on a Maus last week with a t110e3 and standard AP. He was angled slightly toward me like you are supposed to wngle a VK36 or any German. I punched the first round on theninside of his track right in the corner of his lower glacius. He was engaging a tier 9 heavy so I reloaded and punched him again, he then turned and bounced of my front slope, my next round hit the same spot and put him in the grave with all three shot punching through himin that spot.I have bounced a hundred shots off a Maus till then. Hope it helps, his armor is real thick so use a double rib unless you have a tier ten cannon that can punch thick armor. Gonna try a tortoise round on one next chance I get. The conqueror gun on the tortoise can supposedly spall through 400 mm of armor with a premium round. We shall find out shortly.

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